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The offical martini of Lisa Land

I invented this last night- I’m calling it the Spicy Pickle!

3 shots (or 15 counts from the big jug) of Tito’s vodka, half a shot of pickle juice, and 2-3 splashes of hot sauce! Shake it all up with lots of ice, strain into your favorite martini glass, and garnish with a couple of baby pickles!

I DARE you to have 2 and NOT dance around like a crazy person!

Homemade Dog Cookies!

I love making cookies for dogs. If you screw up, it really doesn’t matter because they are dogs- they will eat just about anything!

Here are my supervisors checking out my work:

I don’t even follow a recipe anymore, I just wing it with stuff I have on hand that is safe for dogs. This batch has a mashed banana, two big scoops of peanut butter, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, and rice milk in them. I just mixed it all together, rolled them out on a floured cutting board, cut into heart shapes since it’s Valentine’s Day, and baked at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. 

Taste-testing the batter:

And the finished product:

Sorry I dont have any pictures of the dogs eating them, they eat too fast! (even the burnt ones!)

How to get paid to shop! Or just reimbursed for the things you buy :)

Mystery shopping ahs become a fun little hobby of mine within the past year. I think it’s a good way to get things for free that you would normally buy anyway, but I guess some people consider it a part time job.  To get started, sign up at a website (or a few websites). Just don’t get tricked into paying for any of them! Ligit mystery shopping companies pay YOU, not the other way around.  Some websites that I like are:





These companies won’t rip you off, I promise.

When you sign up you’ll have to give them your email address, phone number, and probably some personal information like your age, appearance, education level, ethic background, and income level.  This is just so they create a profile of you because some of their clients might want mystery shoppers that fit into a certain demographic. There is no reason to give them bank or credit card info.  You might want to set up a paypal acount if you don’t already have one, because this is the easiest way to get paid and reimbursed.

Once you are signed up, you can look for jobs! I like to stick to places/services that I would actually want or need anyway, like grocery stores, pizza delivery, and restaurants. I’m also currently looking for a hair cut because I need one really bad. Back before Christmas there were a bunch of haircuts available, but I didn’t need one then.  Now that I need one I can’t find one! I know as soon as I give up & pay for a haircut, a bunch of freebies will be available, isn’t that always the way?

Once you find a shop you want to do, read the details & instructions, take the test to prove you understand the instructions, and fill out a request for it. Depending on how the website is laid out, you might automatically get it, or you might have to wait for a confirmation email or phone call.  Once you’ve done a few shops well, you’ll also get emails and phone calls from the company asking  you to do some shops.

Once you get the assignment, make sure and follow all of the directions and report back within the time limits (usually the same day, sometimes the following day by noon). Then send in a copy of your reciept or whatever else they wanted from you and wait to get paid! Pretty easy, huh?

Some examples of shops I’ve done and the amount they pay are:

Pizza delivery: call to have a pizza delivered, time how long it takes to get there, fill out a form evaluating your service, take a few digital photos of the pizza, get reimbursed for the cost of the pizza + $5 

Grocery store: Fill out a form listing the price of a bunch of different items, buy at least $8 of groceries (3 item minimum) and get paid $15.

Restaurant: go out to lunch with one other person, each of you order an entree & whatever else you want. Fill out evaulation form. Reimbursed up to $25

Retail stores: spend at least 30 minutes browsing around, observing the stores conditions, buy something for at least $4. Fill out the questionaire, get paid $9

Now go out & shop! But please, if you see any free haircuts, please leave them for me, I’m getting split ends here!

xomaybekatie said: I want to be a mystery shopper! But how?! haha

Join avon & I’ll tell you all about it!

Just Kidding! I’ll make a new post all about it soon

What the heck do I do all day long?!?!?

Since I’m unemployed, I often have people ask me questions about what I do all day long, what this Lisa Land thing is all about, or if I get bored. I usually give a vague answer like, “I’m busy doing nothing”.  I don’t mean to be coy, but usually it’s hard for me to think of something interesting I recently did. So here is a list of 10 things that I frequently do:

1. I sleep alot. Really, I probably sleep twice as much now as I used to when I worked.  I Seriously think this has helped me recover so quickly from donating my kidney this fall. Here I am napping with Molly:

2. Look for a job. I look in the paper, I look at websites like Monster.com. I do random online searches, I found one withint the past year and it only lasted about a month.

3. Speaking of the internet, I play online: on facebook, msn, my running club website, gossip blogs, and lots of other time-wasters.

4. I walk my dogs and play with them and the cat. They entertain me all day long. Here are Molly and Dini:

And Eddie hiding in a box of papers, ready to strike at any minute!

5. I do lots of domestic household things, like cooking & baking from scratch, cleaning house and other things around the house.  I put on some good music and dance around as I do my chores, it makes it fun. My favorite recipe websites are allrecipes.com and vegweb.com.

6. AVON!!! Besides selling avon, I also sign up new Avon ladies and help them out with any problems they might have. I really like it. Here’s my website: www.youravon.com/lmckeon

7. Mystery Shopping! Companies actually pay money (or just reimburse purchases) for mystery shoppers to go to their stores (or even their competitors’ stores) to spy on them. Fun way to get some free stuff and feel like some sort of secret agent in the process.

8. Running, of course, and just exercise in general. I am going to start back at the gym again soon.

9. Play wii :) This counts as both exercising and playing I suppose. 

10. I also read alot. I like a variety of books. I just finished “Veronika decides to die” by Paulo Coelho and I just started “Electric Barracuda” by Tim Dorsey. Sometimes Dini helps me read :)

So there you have it! In a typical day in Lisa Land, I manage to do all these things, as well as sometimes visit with friends. There are always lots a fun nothings to do! I don’t know why anyone would think I’d be bored!

My babies!!!! Dini the Boxer/Saint Bernard, Molly the Shephard mix, and Eddie the Cat. Pets certainly keep life interesting.

My babies!!!! Dini the Boxer/Saint Bernard, Molly the Shephard mix, and Eddie the Cat. Pets certainly keep life interesting.


My sneakers, because they can take me anywhere!

This is me, running down the street in my pajamas, yelling and flailing my arms around like a crazy-person. Because I am a crazy-person :)

This is me, running down the street in my pajamas, yelling and flailing my arms around like a crazy-person. Because I am a crazy-person :)